5th Grade


Fifth Grade is an exciting year for students.  This is students last year at PS 32 and they feel a sense of responsibility and independence.  

We guide and support this responsibility and independence.  As we begin the year, exploring the reading and writing workshop, students are guiding the discussions around the Writers' Notebooks and Reading Response Notebooks.  We also delve deeper into looking at Document Based Questions, preparing our students to be more analytical writers.  We continue the year exploring non-fiction (feature articles), poetry, social issues through book clubs, and realistic fiction.

Read more below, and don't miss the Student Projects featured at the bottom of this page!

We look forward to seeing you in the 5th grade!! 

5th Grade Memories 2010-2011

Meet the 5th Grade Teachers

Ms. Carrino and Ms. Grace - 215
Ms. Rosado - 316
Mr. Rabinowitz - 318
Ms. Averill - 319
Ms. Friedman - 320